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Buyer’s Guide

Buying a home, whether it’s your first one or otherwise, is always a memorable experience. As your Realtor, it’s my job to ensure a smooth transaction. By the end of the whole process, you’ll have purchased the right home for you at the right price.

Create a time frame

Throughout the buying process, you’ll want to make sure you’re right on schedule. Set a time frame to keep things organized. Don’t forget to include the mortgage approval process, the actual search for the home, making an offer, and the closing of the sale. A time frame will keep you on track to meet your goals.

Shop for a loan

Before you start looking for a home, you need to get your finances in order. It’s best to start looking for a loan at the start of the process as loan approval can eat up to 30 days or more of your time. In this market every Seller is going to expect for a Pre-Approval letter to be submitted with any offer. To help you qualify for a loan, make sure your credit rating is acceptable. You should also gather documents such as bank statements – you’ll never know when you’ll need it.

The most important advice I can give you about loans is: don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are different mortgage types to suit different needs – ask questions so your loan officer can help you shop for the best one for you.

Look for a home

Determine how much you can afford, and make a list of features you’re looking for. Once done, it’s time to hit the streets (or the web) and look for a home. As your Realtor, I can help you focus on the neighborhood/s of your choice to narrow down your options. We can also tap into online resources to find the home of your dreams.

Make an offer

See a home you like that’s within your budget? Let’s make an offer and see if the seller accepts or makes a counteroffer. Throughout the negotiation process, it’s best to leave the work to me – I have your best interests at heart. Should the seller accept, it’s during this time that certain contingencies must be met. Appraisals, inspections, and other processes will take place. By this time, your loan should be ready.

Close the sale

During the closing process, you will work with our closing attorney who acts as a neutral third party to oversee the transaction. The closing attorney and lender will work together to prepare all required documents and other legalities for your closing. Once deemed acceptable by the seller and his party, it’s time to sign papers. You’ll be given the key and title of the home. Congratulations on your purchase!

Let’s donate to charity

It’s a tradition of mine to donate to any charity after a successful home purchase or sale. I have a list of charities I usually donate to, but if you have a specific charity in mind, I’ll be more than happy to accommodate your wishes. There’s nothing better than closing a successful home purchase by giving back to the community.

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