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South of Nashville and a short drive from Franklin, the highly livable suburban community of Brentwood is like a breath of fresh air. It’s not often you come across an urban haven set on verdant, rolling landscapes. Well-maintained parks dot the city, as do great schools, recreational opportunities, and more. Known as one of the wealthiest cities in the country relative to the average cost of living, Brentwood offers a high standard of life. For sure, most of the city’s 40,900 residents will agree.

Brentwood possesses a strong, family-friendly character with its quality academic institutions, proximity to Nashville and Franklin, and wealth of recreational amenities. The city was recognized by as one of the Best Cities for Kids in 2014.

There is also plenty of opportunity for young professionals and entrepreneurs as Brentwood is known throughout Middle Tennessee for its robust business community. No wonder it’s highly regarded as one of the most attractive suburban locations in the whole state.

A little bit of history
Brentwood has its beginnings back in the 15th century, when the surrounding areas were being developed by Native Americans. During this time, Middle Tennessee served as rich hunting grounds for the Cherokee Indians who lived in the area. It was only around 1760 when the first European explorers ventured into the area. An air of mistrust and suspicion fueled a 25-year conflict between the Native Americans and the European settlers.

Its early days may be bloody, and the Civil War definitely left a mark on the city, but the Brentwood of today is the picture of a peaceful and picturesque community. It was officially incorporated back in 1969 and is now a highly sought-after area thanks to its great schools, real estate, and high standard of living. Most of the city is residential, and the early plan of keeping Brentwood a low density community is still prevalent today.

Living in Brentwood

Residents love the quality use of land in Brentwood – no square meter or acre is wasted. The open country character of the city itself is a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of nearby Nashville. As one of the fastest growing communities in Tennessee, Brentwood is home to a noteworthy collection of real estate options.

Brentwood’s beautiful neighborhoods are filled with quintessential Ranch-style homes and Colonial residences – an echo of its rich past. Well-appointed and custom-designed luxury homes built on sizable lots are also plenty, complete with all the luxurious features you can ever want or need.

Single-family homes dominate Brentwood real estate, but here and there you’ll find condominiums and townhouses. Vacant lots are available, ripe for the taking – the perfect blank canvas for your dream Brentwood property. Lay out your plans and get in touch with us; we can get you hooked up with the best builders and contractors in your area to make your dream home a reality.

Brentwood, TN Real Estate and Homes for Sale

Discover for yourself what it’s like living in one of the most desirable communities in Middle Tennessee. For more information about Brentwood real estate, don’t hesitate to contact me or email me at [email protected].